Anastasia "Angel" Silverwing
Anastasia-Zilver Hawk


Appears to be about 21 but is almost 70.







Relationship Status:

Was engaged


Healer for Nocturne


Hair: It’s a beautiful golden color that falls down her waist. The ends curl ever so slightly so it bounces when she walks.

Eyes: Green

Skin: Pale

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 113 lbs

Clothing: She usually wears a plain white dress that falls at her knees with small white boots. The dress does have some silver etching in it so at times it does sparkle with various designs and such. To hide her wings, most of the time, she does wear a light blue cloak.

Other: Because of an accident when she was younger, she no longer has the ability to fly. One of her wings is a bit bent out of shape.



She’s very sweet and kind. No matter what seems to happen to her, she’ll mourn briefly but still try to look on the bright side of things. She always seems to have a perpetual smile on her face no matter what the situation. She does however; lash out when the people closest to her are threatened. She loves each and every person in Nocturne. (Many members have often been seen calling her Mother.) Sometimes, she feels a bit like a burden because she cannot fight, but her healing abilities as well as her cooking skills are second to none.


“There you are little one. Do not cry.”

“I apologize…I did not mean to get in the way…”


Either she really hit her head really hard or she refuses to remember what happened. William found her a few days after the raid on her village, scared out of her wit. It took a while, but he convinced her to come with him back to their small camp. (It was when Nocturne had just been founded.) She recovered after a few weeks from her traumatized state and quickly got to work. She acted as sort of a mother to all of the boys, cooking, cleaning, and helping with other things.

She never really regained her memory, and what she did remember, she kept to herself. She doesn’t want to trouble anyone with her past. She’s one of the earlier members of Nocturne that still remains. She’s loyal till the end and is never afraid to keep up with all the boys in the group. Someone has to take care of them.

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