Bianca Arora






Dancer (Though, she can heal)

Signature Weapon

Rosa Grace, Rojo Might, Amarillo Litany, Verde Ire, Heal


Ah. Ah. Stop okay, stoplight must be on Bianca! If not, then she’ll come and move it only towards her. The dancer is your usual attention lover. She isn’t hated by the whole world, but just most of it. The girl strives to be popular. Other than being an attention hogger, Bianca can be really mean, she is actually pretty smart and can be nice to beorc. She hates laguz for reasons that she'll never admit to anyone. The true reason is she had been grown up to hate laguz and Branded by her father, and when he died, she immediately changed her thoughts to a permanent state of hate.


Before coming to a whole new town, Bianca was a sweet and innocent girl. But, after coming to the town she changed into an attention love. Her father died at a young age having her to live with her mother. Her mother sometimes wonders if Bianca is actually her daughter since the two are exact complete opposite’s. Ever since, the dancer moved to the new town her family has become rich.


Rosa Grace (Boosts target’s effective defense and resistance by 10 for one turn)
Rojo Might (Boosts target’s effective magic or strength by 10 for one turn)
Amarillo Litany (Boosts target’s effective avoid chance by 10% for one turn)
Verde Ire (Boosts targets effective critical strike chance by 10% for one turn)

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