Welcome to the FE-RP High School! In here, you'll find the wackiest adventures occuring, from food fights, to debates about laguz rights!


A possible depiction of FERP High School

It takes place in the Modern World, and thus, places users characters in situations common to those they have been in before, being relatable. This roleplaying area was established on August 21st 2010.

The rules, according to the Constitution are:

Whereas many of the Roleplay's (RP's) on the website are highly developed and mind provoking stories and
Whereas many users may feel intimidated in being involved in such RP's and
Whereas the FERP High School Roleplay would allow any user to roleplay as any character of their choosing and post short and simple posts to short and simple RP's and
Whereas the FERP High School Roleplay will not involve high level Roleplaying skills or excessive writing and
Whereas the FERP High School Roleplay will still encourage good grammar and sentence typing; then
Therefore be it resolved that the FERP High School be instated within the Roleplaying Ring from August 21st 2010.

The locations include the Dorm Rooms, Class Rooms, Gymnasium, Hallways, Summer Break!, and Cafeteria.