(Branded) Beorc

Class Tree:

Myrmidon - Swordmaster - Trueblade


Brave sword, Silver blade

Physical Condition:

He is Blind, but he uses his other senses to see. His brand gives him the ability to sense danger.


Jerimaiah is rather handsome (although he doesn't know it). He has burnt red hair and dark blue eyes. He is "5'11" and 190 lbs with an even muscle build. He wears ragged brown pants, a long sleeved shirt, and boots. He walks around with a cane although he tries not to use it. He has a sword at his waist and at his back with two daggers on his belt. He walks around with a cane though sometimes he tries to walk without it.


Jerimiah is very sarcastic at times, but he's a nice guy. He'll crack a blind joke every now and then to show that he doesn't realy care about his condition. He likes to show off his skills as a swordsman from time to time by fighting someone in a high position. He dislikes being treated differently from others for his blindness.


Jeremiah was a normal seeing child who loved to laugh, play, and live until he was struck with an illness that claimed his sight. He recovered from the illness, but his sight never returned. His parents soon died of the same illness soon afterward forceing him to beg on the streets. Out of kindness another blind man offered to teach Jeremiah to see, but not with his eyes. This man taught him a way of reading, writing, he taught the boy how to walk and run without injuring himself and he taught him how to fight. The man had been a renowned swordsmaster in his time and decided to impart his knowledge to Jeremiah. Thus Jerimiah mastered the art of the sword until the old man died one night in his sleep. Jerimiah now works as an assistant to a blacksmith named Polonius in Crimea.

RP HistoryEdit

Nightmare's DreamEdit

Jeremiah meets Keith at the inn when Jeremiah comes in to get some dinner. Jeremiah falls on Keith, but the cavalier assists the blindman in finding his seat, and proceeds to speak with him. Jeremiah fights against the monsters when they begin to torment the city, and later, with permission from Polonius, he joins Zander, Keith, and Star on their quest.


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