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Koric is a veteran of many wars.
He is very calm when not engaged in combat. However, when he was younger, he was very brash and easy to anger or work up into a frenzy.
He once long ago insulted a young woman named Francesca, she slapped him, so he engaged her in a duel, which Francesca won handily, after a traumatic experience, Francesca and Koric were married.
He also has a brother named Arimik who disappeared sometime after his military service ended.
He is a blacksmith by profession, living in the shattered remains of his once bustling town which was destroyed one year Koric left to finish a pointless war quickly, which also took the life of his beloved.
With his brother gone, and his wife dead, Koric had no friends or family to speak of, Koric was on the verge of losing his mind once more, until an old wolf who he named Kiva appeared. Kiva has many scars and is blind in his right eye. He was once a great Alpha Wolf for his pack, but was subdued after a hunt by a young upstart who he later killed, then left his pack and was on the verge of starvation until Koric saw him fainted in the forest and fed him a boar he had just killed.
People from all over the continents come to Koric for weapons and armor of incredible quality, though for Koric, price is not the issue, if you are not worthy of a weapon and want one simply from the rumored "Grand Blacksmith" he will turn you away without a second thought. If he sees you as worthy, he will engage you in a duel. If you are victorious (simply for Koric meaning lasting more than a few minutes) then he will craft for you a weapon at no charge with your own specifications.
He had planned to stay in his town for the rest of his days, testing the would be heroes of the world, until he was once again called away.

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