Krrish Mehra
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Shaman > Dark Sage > Arch Sage (Dark)

Signature Weapon

Fenrir, Nosferatu, and Arcthunder


Krrish is a genius. He skipped 3 years of school (which made him to Tess’s grade) just because he was so
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smart. Krrish is shy, he will be quiet to those he doesn’t know. But, the more you get to know about him you learn he isn’t as innocent as people say he is. The quote: “People who don’t know me think I’m quiet, the people who do know me wish I was.”, fits Krrish. He believes age is just a number, which shouldn’t come between in any relationship.


Krrish is a childhood friend of Tess. Even with the age difference, he had been in love with her. His parents owned an animal shelter which was right next to Tess’s family’s flower shop so he spent a lot of time at the shelter. Krrish has a special spot for animals, he claims he will sacrifice himself just to save animals. With his uncle owning a zoo, he also spent various hours there. Being with animals, was a great place for Krrish to express his feelings out, and to think. Krrish has the ability to speak to animals.

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