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Ranger Mage


Sword and Lightning(anima) magic




Enthusiastic and optimistic, Lloyd is typically in high spirits outside of battle, and in battle he is very focused and aggressive with little mattering besides the defeat of his enemy. His two sided personality sets some people off but the truth is that he behaves the way he does because it's how he deals with having seen so much death in his life. However he is righteous and will only fight for causes he believes in; he can be duped into following a less than right cause, but once he realizes what he's been convinced to do is wrong, he will switch sides in a heartbeat.


Lloyd says little about his history only revealing that he is a wandering mercenary and takes on most jobs as long as he sees them as being for a good cause.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Is a very close friend of Cassandra and always stands by her, has known her since childhood and traveled with her since he started wandering (note, usually starts with a support level of C with her)

Class TreeEdit

Ranger MageEdit

A wanderer who has learned the powers of magic and skill with the sword, a Ranger Mage is able to choose his method of attack and strike at his opponent's weakest aspect easily, and often does so quickly as they are quite fast as well. However they cannot wear armor and they are not magically powered enough to resist magic all that well so they rely on their speed to dodge attacks, and get wounded very easily if hit; despite being capable with strength, magic, and speed, they are not as potent in such areas that others who specialize in such areas, such as fighters, shamans, or myrmidons. Can use swords and one anima magic of choice (fire, wind, or lightning, but only one)

Magi HeroEdit

A Ranger Mage with greater power, able to fight quite well with his weapons and magic

Eldritch KnightEdit

A master at blending the art of sword swinging and magic slinging, they can target your weakness and take you down quickly if you're not careful.

RP HistoryEdit

Nightmare's DreamEdit

Made a brief appearance alongside Cassandra Avalon


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