When he is out and about he wears a traditional priests garb. A white robe with a yellow trim. He has blonde hair.He walks around with a little pack on his waist for his tomes and some food. He usually carries his staff around.

-Philemon: As Philemon he has a very soft, kind face. He has blue eyes and he is left handed. He stands completely strait when in this state.

-Voltimand: As Voltimand he retains a very sinister countenance. His eyes glow bright red and he becomes right handed. He slouches in this state.


Philemon: He is a very gentle soul. He is kind, He hates violence and tries to be a help wherever he can. He desires to help, but he tries his best to avoid situations that would cause a great deal of emotion. He constantly tries to supress Voltimand in order to keep anyone that may be around him safe. He believes that Voltimand is everything evil inside of him, so he seeks repentance in church often.

Voltimand: When Philemon becomes emotionaly imbalanced he releases Voltimand. Voltimand usually kills what Philemon is angry at. He sees himself as Philemon's protector. He believes that he wants what Philemon wants. In this, Voltimand believes that he is doing what is best for him. Voltimand, however, is extremely hard to control and constantly tries to make his way out into the open where he can be free.


Mental ConditionEdit

Suffers from a rare case of schizophrenia in which he has two personalities. One wich is the innocent and kind Philemon and the other wich is the dark and cold Voltimand. As long as he is calm and in control of his emotions he remains Philemon, however if he becomes to angry, scared, ect. he will revert to his alternate personality Voltimand. While he is Philemon he has extensive knowledge of staves and can use light magic, but when he changes, he loses those abilities and takes on the power of a warrior class.


Philemon: Shine, Purge, Physic, and Mend

Voltimand: Whatever he can find

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