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Hair: It’s a long dark black. He always has it in a low hanging ponytail.

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Tan

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 204 lbs

Clothing: In everything he does, he tries to imitate Captain West, except, he’s a bit scrawny and has a lack of tattoos so he tends to keep his white pirate shirt buttoned up. That, and he is yet to adorn a tri-corn and long jacket. He does however, have golden earrings.



Rory can never seem to keep out of trouble. Whether it’s stalking girls or telling tall tales, he always seems to be running away from his captain in fear. He’s a major extrovert and loves parties. No pirate is yet to see a serious side to him. Some doubt it exists. Some people think he’s so strange that they’ve come to two conclusions: One- He was dropped on his head or two: he’s just plain stupid. However, during battle, he becomes a different person, sadistic, maybe even a bit insane, but he always returns to the same slap-happy perpetually drunk, fun-loving raven. It does lead some men to fear him though, think he’s barely hanging on to that thread of sanity.


“If you knew who I really was, I’d have to kill you…Just kidding…no seriously! Ha!”

“I thought the ocean was blue until I saw your eyes.”

“Of course, Captain West! I’ll be on my best behavior…yeah right.”


Boss: West Braveheart- Rory idolizes West even though he doesn’t show it most of the time. He works as the first mate on the man’s ship. He both fears and respects the man with all of his inner being and wants to be just like him.

Sister: ???- He often mentions a sister of his. She’s a beorc girl which lead many people to believe she’s adopted…or he is. (Some people think he’s an alien.) He never says too much of her though, even though he makes it clear that he loves her.


Scarily enough, no one knows too much about him. He’s a raven. He has a sister. His name is Rory. Despite people thinking he’s stupid, he’s been very careful to not reveal anything about himself. Rumors have spread that he was an ex-murderer, responsible for the death of a prince. Others think he may have been a kidnapper and done horrible things to young girls. Some refuse to believe he’s capable of anything, but there is a bit of mystery surrounding him.

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