Support Skits are an integral part of the Fire Emblem Roleplaying website. Moreover, they are seen as the most popular aspect of the forum. However, due to their mutability nature, the Staff has decided to void all posts from the Support Skits forum as part of the post count of a user.

They mirror the support conversations found in Fire Emblem 6 - 9, and are dedicated toward the bonding of two original characters.

There are a few rules along with supports:

1.) Post like this:

Character One: Such a lovely day today! Character Two: EEEEEK! A squirrel! Character One: Sorry madam, I'm not a squirrel, but I'm a laguz! Character Two: Oh, I'm sorry! I learn something new everyday!

2.) Actions should be like this:

Character One: *walking across field* Oh hello!

Skits generally don't have much action

3.) End a Skit like this:

  • End of Support Level C/B/A*